Scrap Brokerage

Waste Connection, Inc. is a full service multi-commodity scrap brokerage firm capable of purchasing and servicing all of your scrap paper, plastic, or metal needs. Our strong and diverse industry relationships enable us to buy and sell a wide spectrum of material at very competitive prices. Due to our extremely low overhead, we are able to thrive on smaller margins and pass the additional revenue to our customers.

No matter what type of scrap your company generates, rest assured, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure continuous movement of your material at or above market prices.

Our relationships with our customers are based on a handshake and mutual trust. We will work hard to earn your trust and we will work even harder to keep it. No contracts here!

MAKE OUR STRENGTHS YOURS. As your broker, we are not tied to one mill, one foundry, or one processor. Whether domestic or export, we have the ability to present your material to many different buyers. Waste Connection does the work and you realize the gain! Whether you generate scrap paper, plastic, or metal… check us out. We would appreciate the opportunity to provide your company with our competitive proposal at no cost to you.

Products We Broker

Waste Connection specializes in buying, selling, and processing all grades of scrap paper. Domestic or export, we have the ability to move the “good stuff” and the “not so good stuff” consistently and at reliably higher prices than many other brokers or recyclers.

Today, the paper industry is a unique and complicated environment. The cyclical nature of the production of pulp and paper products, coupled with the inconsistent demand for raw products and finished goods, make the markets volatile and unpredictable. Be confident in knowing that Waste Connection has the resources and assets available to endure market volatility.

Waste Connection purchases any grade of baled, loose, or roll stock in truckload or less than truckload quantity. Here are just a few…

• OCC  • Newsprint  • Office Paper  • Printer Grades  • Pulp Substitutes  • Tissue/Towel Grades

Waste Connection specializes in buying, selling, and processing post industrial scrap plastic. We market a wide spectrum of plastics through our domestic and export networks. Additionally, our processing relationships enable us to refine many types of plastics, thus creating a more valuable commodity.
The result…consistent movement at higher buying prices.

Waste Connection purchases any grade or form of clear, natural or colored scrap or excess plastic in truckload, less than truckload, or bulk quantities. Here are just a few…

• Regrind  • Purgings  • Parts  • Film  • Surplus Virgin  • Rolls & Sheets

Waste Connection specializes in buying, selling, and processing all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. Finding the right combination of experience and capabilities are two important factors in choosing the very best scrap broker. Waste Connection fits the bill! Partnering with our network of processors, mills and end-users, we have the ability to continuously compare prices and options that will significantly enhance your company’s scrap revenue.

Waste Connection offers a wide range of equipment and services, and will custom tailor a scrap program designed to meet your unique service needs, while maintaining your environmental objectives.

Waste Connection purchases all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. Here are just a few…

• Aluminum  •Copper  •Brass  • Stainless  • Steel  • Cast Iron



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