Reduce trash expenses by as much as 40% guaranteed

We are trash industry experts capable of REDUCING YOUR SERVICE COSTS BY AS MUCH AS 40%, GUARANTEED… and you don’t have to change trash haulers!

Our goal is straightforward… Identify cost reduction opportunities that will produce refunds and
long term savings on your waste disposal bills.


Reduce cost and do more with less“Reduce cost and do more with less” is rapidly becoming the battle cry of almost every organization. Companies are recognizing their waste and recycling costs as one of many budget battlefields. Waste Connection can help you tighten up your strategy and fight budget bloat. All we need to get started is a Waste Connection Consulting Agreement, a tour of your facility, and copies of your recent trash bill.

Waste Connection uses the power of industry information and experience combined with our proprietary review process to develop a customized waste disposal plan guaranteed to reduce expenses with your current trash hauler. Unlike your trash hauler, our only objective is to lower your cost and add profit to your bottom line.


proven results with Waste Connection1. Review your Current Contracts and Services. We will study the way your trash haulers currently manage your waste and recycling services to gain an in-depth understanding of your unique service needs while also establishing a benchmark of your current costs.
2. Identify Opportunities. Applying our knowledge of the latest technologies, transportation systems, disposal alternatives and recyclable commodity prices, we pinpoint the areas of your services where we can make significant contributions towards savings.
3. Trash Hauler Meeting. Armed with our proprietary findings, we will meet with your trash hauler to review our conclusions and to discuss potential options and new costs. As a result, we will develop and present to you a detailed series of recommendations for the most cost-effective improvements and efficiencies currently available in the industry.
4. Conduct an Analysis of Expected Savings. Along with our detailed series of recommendations we will also develop a financial impact statement showing the expected results of our proposed plan, and how much money you will save.
5. Implement the Plan Upon Your Approval. Once approved, we completely implement our recommendations for you. We monitor the effectiveness of our agreed-upon waste management plan for the duration of our agreement, ensuring that our standards are maintained; that errors, overcharges and Invoice Consolidation is also offeredprice increases are corrected; and that your expected savings are being achieved.
6. Provide Monthly Reports Showing Results. We provide you with a detailed report every month, showing the actual results of your new waste management plan, and how much money has been saved compared to our agreed-upon benchmark.
7. Invoice Consolidation (a great addition, but optional). Receive one trash invoice for all of your services while maintaining full control over your services and trash haulers. The result….drastically reduced administrative and account payable costs along with complete monthly account reconciliation.

The Benefits

Your company can expect us to:

  • Be easy to work with. Very little of your time is ever needed.
  • Be committed to environmentally sound practices.
  • Pinpoint and recover past overpayments, overcharges and billing errors.
  • Significantly reduce your future waste disposal costs on a risk free basis, regardless of your current service agreement.
  • Understand which taxes, tariffs and fees are your responsibility and which are not.
  • Discover cost recovery and recycling alternatives to create new revenue streams.
  • Identify the primary drivers of the trash hauler’s costs and use them to your advantage.
  • Ensure that the relationship between the trash hauler and the landfill is to your benefit.
  • Create new mutually beneficial service agreements with your current trash haulers that will reduce and control costs for many years to come.
  • Examine future invoices on a regular basis to ensure that all negotiated terms, conditions, and pricing are adhered to.
  • Implement invoice consolidation practices that will save you time and money.

A leader in Solid Waste Management Consulting and Scrap Brokerage

You only pay for results.

We provide our services on a
contingency basis. You may accept or reject, in whole or in part, any of our savings recommendations. We only
get paid when you realize a direct refund, credit, or savings on your waste and recycling invoices. Since our fees are based solely on performance, you can rest assured we work hard to deliver big.